Ministries for Young Adults, Marrieds, Men and Women

SUMMER SCHEDULE for Wednesday Gathering

Adults and children are taking a break from Wednesday gatherings for the summer, and will resume Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

The Youth Group (middle school and high school) will continue meeting every Wednesday through the summer. Make sure to regularly check out the Youth Group's Facebook page for up-to-date info about events, activities, and gatherings.

Our primary ministry pathways for adults in our church family are our Sunday and Wednesday Gatherings, and DGroups. We highly encourage our adults, whether old or young, married or single, women or men, to participate first and foremost in those ways, since they are our focal points for discipleship!

Sunday and Wednesday Gatherings both include opportunities for adults in larger groups to learn and grow together. On Sunday mornings, there is usually a class or a group at 9 a.m. for adults. On Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. there are usually several classes or groups for adults to learn and grow.

DGroups, especially, are places for very small groups of adults to grow in humility and trust with each other as they devote themselves to scripture and prayer. DGroups are for all our adults: young and old, men and women, and married couples and singles.

We also have various events and activities throughout the year for adults, like Men's and Women's Retreats, Young Adult game nights and barbeques, and specialty seminars. We communicate about these through our e-news, email, on social media, and in our weekly bulletin.